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M365 Surface+ Offer FAQ

What is the difference between the US, CA, AU and Worldwide offers?

  • The AU, CA, UK, and US Offer is a direct to Customer offer and the WW offer (excluding AU, CA, UK, and US) is a Thru Partner Offer.

Where can I find the Terms & Conditions?

Where can I find the partner/customer flyer?


Customer Flyers:

How does a customer qualify?

How do I know if my customer has met the eligibility requirements?

How do I get a claim code?

Following a customer’s qualifying M365, M365 Component, Office 365 Step-up, Azure Monetary Commit, or Dynamics purchase (each, a “Qualifying Service Purchase”) made between July 1, 2018 and December 31, 2019 a Microsoft Sales Representative will notify the customer of the customer’s qualification status for the Offer and provide you with a promotional claim code for the Offer. You can also request a Claim Code and verify your eligibility for the Offer directly by emailing

  • United States, Canada, Australia -
    • End Customer should be directed to contact their Microsoft Sales Representative for a Claim Code.
    • The Qualifying Service Purchase may take place either before the Qualifying Surface Device Purchase or within one hundred twenty (120) days after the Qualifying Surface Purchase.
      • If the Qualifying Service Purchase takes place before the Qualifying Surface Device Purchase, then a Claim Code will be issued after Microsoft verifies the Qualifying Surface Device Purchase, and your claim must be submitted within sixty (60) days of the Qualifying Surface Device Purchase.
      • If the Qualifying Service Purchase takes place after the Qualifying Surface Device Purchase, then a Claim Code will be issued after Microsoft verifies the Qualifying Surface Device Purchase, and your claim must be submitted within sixty (60) days of the Qualifying Service Purchase.
  • Worldwide –
    • Partners must validate that the End Customer has a valid Claim Code before offering any discounts funded through the Surface+ Offer. Partners can contact to validate the End Customer’s Claim Code.

How does my customer/partner submit their claim code?

  • US, Canada, Australia
  • Worldwide:
    • Partner must visit and click “Submit Claim Code” or navigate directly to the Surface+ Offer Claim Submission page.
    • Fill in all the text boxes (Contact Name should be who Microsoft can contact for payment details) including valid Claim Code
    • Upload Proof of Execution
    • Once all information is entered a “Submit Claim” button will appear. Click this button to submit your rebate claim.
    • You will receive a confirmation email verifying the submission was successful.

When will the customer/partner receive their payment after submitting their claim code on the Surface+ Offer site?

  • Customer/Partner should expect to receive their rebate within 60-90 days after submitting their claim code. Please note that the process may take longer.

What happens after I submit the claim code and Proof of Execution?

  • After clicking “Submit”, you will receive a confirmation email that your submission has been completed. Your Claim Code and Proof of Execution will be verified, and, if your claim is valid, your rebate will be calculated and sent to Microsoft Payment Central. Once approved by Microsoft Payment Central, you will receive an email from asking you to login and provide your banking information. This action needs to be completed within 72 hours or the request will time out and we will be required to resubmit your rebate claim.
  • After providing your banking information to Microsoft Payment Central you can expect payment in approximately 4-6 weeks.

What is Microsoft Payment Central (MPC)?

Why is it taking so long to receive our rebate?

  • The rebate process may be delayed for a variety of reasons. Please feel free to contact with any questions.

How does a Microsoft partner offer the rebate to its customers?

  • WW: Partners should build the value of the rebate into their quote to the customer as an upfront discount. The Partner will recoup this discount on the back end by claiming the rebate within 60 days of the qualifying sale.
  • AU, CA, UK, US ONLY: Customer takes responsibility for claiming the rebate. They negotiate the purchase price normally and place their order. After the order is placed (and within 60 days) the customer will then submit the claim for the rebate at

How often is the eligibility list updated?

  • The Program aims to update the eligibility list on a monthly basis. To verify customer eligibility, please email

What products are eligible for a rebate?

Is the offer stackable with other offers from Microsoft?

  • This offer may be stackable with Bid Grid, Special Pricing, and Deal Registration pricing programs. Please note that all the foregoing pricing programs are calculated using a percentage off the MSRP of each Eligible Product. This Program is not combinable with the Surface Offer for Legacy Windows Customers, and may not be combinable with any other offers or rebates.

Can I stack the $20, $30, or $50 rebate for customers that own more than one of the Microsoft's cloud SKUs? (e.g. a customer who owns Dynamics 365 and Microsoft eligible SKUs, can I get 2 rebates applied per Surface device)

  • No, there is a limit of one discount per eligible Surface device.

Are renewals and new customers eligible?

  • Yes.

Do qualifying purchases need to be direct through Partner and/or will indirect through Partner purchases be eligible?

  • US, CA, AU: Direct and indirect purchases are eligible for the offer. Customer will claim directly for the rebate.
  • WW: Thru Partner only.

When will my customer show as eligible for the Surface+ Offer?

  • Data used to verify Surface+ Offer eligibility updates between the 5th – 8th of each month. For example, if a customer makes a Qualifying Service Purchase in August, they should show as eligible by September 8th.

May my customer aggregate Qualifying Surface Device Purchases to meet the initial 100-unit minimum order quantity?

  • Yes, for Qualifying Surface Device Purchases on or after July 1, 2019, Customers may aggregate purchases of the applicable Surface SKUs made over a 30-day period to meet the initial 100-unit minimum order quantity.

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